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Tarun Singh

I am Tarun Singh Delhi based cinematographer.

Since leaving the MAAC Institute of Animation Media , where I studied for a Degree in Cinematography and Editing, I have worked non-stop in the world of stills, films,Music video and Events  as a Cinematographer.

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My Story

It is a huge privilege to do this job, which I love. Over the years, my work has enabled me to travel extensively,

to experience many diverse locations and to observe the inner workings of cultural and natural systems but above all, to meet and work with some pretty wonderful people.


My years of experience in the industry have taught me how to produce quality material on the tightest of schedules. I understand the need to work within both budget and timescale without ever compromising the finished integrity of the film.        


I absolutely love this work and the people I get to collaborate with, perhaps more than anything because it enables me to work so closely with light, both natural and ʻdesignedʼ, to capture the most beautiful images.

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